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Everything You Need to Know About Painted Glass Backsplashes

What is painted glass and how can you incorporate this design trend into your next home decor project? If you want to go above and beyond stock tile and plain flat painted walls, take a look at what you need to know about painted glass backsplashes and your home aesthetic upgrade options.

It’s All In the Name

A painted backsplash is exactly what the name implies. It’s a backsplash made from glass that has a painted back. If you’re still not exactly sure what this custom glass installation is, start with its primary function.

A backsplash extends above a kitchen, bathroom, bar, or another similar countertop. Not only does the backsplash provide extra space to add decorative accents, but it also protects the wall under it from cooking splatters, water splashes, or other messes. This means you need to choose a building material that is easy to clean and can withstand moisture.

Many backsplashes are made from tile. But you don’t have to go the ceramic route. Modern designs feature other options, including painted glass. A glass layer provides a smooth, easy-to-clean surface that protects the wall behind it.

Unlike plain paint, the glass provides a high shine that even the glossiest of indoor latex sheens can’t create.

It’s Easy to Customize

You may want a custom color backsplash for your next home project. But sometimes the tile you find doesn’t match your palette or doesn’t come in a solid set. Now what?

Instead of tile (or another building material), consider a painted glass backsplash. You’ll start this project with the paint color. You can choose any hue that matches the room or your decor needs. While many painted glass backsplashes are solid, you can use more than one color. Combine pieces of painted glass or colors of paint to achieve a color-block or patterned look.

If the glass isn’t available in a multi-tone back option, consider painting the wall and then covering it with clear glass. This option can help you to create a custom design that you couldn’t get with tile or a stock backsplash.

The customization doesn’t stop at the paint. You can also use a custom-cut piece of glass to add to the overall effect. For instance, you can create a prismatic look with beveled edges. A bevel is a polished angle at the edge of a cut piece of glass. This creates a visually interesting design with a prism-like border that refracts light around the immediate space.

If the backsplash lines up with or goes under the edges of cabinets and shelving, however, a beveled edge wouldn’t make sense for this type of project.

It’s Easy to Keep Clean

Kitchens and bathrooms are notoriously germ-filled spaces. This means you need surfaces that are easy to clean and sanitize. A porous backsplash surface, such as a stone tile, is often difficult to keep clean and germ-free. In  comparison, glass is relatively easy to wipe down and remove microorganisms (bacteria and viral particles) from.

If you’re not sure how to clean your custom-painted backsplash, talk to a contractor. The professionals can help you to choose the right products and methods for this custom kitchen or bathroom creation.

It’s Filled with Options

Even though painted glass is a popular pick for backsplashes, this combination of materials has other uses. You can also use painted glass on full walls, cabinets, counters, and tabletops. Discuss the possibilities with a custom glass contractor before you start your next design project. They can review potential designs and suggest ways to use a painted surface and glass combination to create a sleek, stylish aesthetic.

Are you ready to redo your kitchen, bathroom, or other home space with painted glass? Contact Martin Glass Company for more information.

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