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How Many Mirrors Should You Use in Your Home?

How many mirrors do you need in your home? One? Two? Three-or more? You have an empty wall and want to decorate it with custom-cut mirrors. But you’re not sure how many pieces of glass to invest in. Take a look at what you need to know about the number of mirrors and your decor options.

What Do You Want To Reflect?

Mirrors are more than decorative wall hangings. The glass surface reflects whatever is across from it. This means you need to decide what you want to reflect before you choose the number of mirrors to buy and hang in one room or on one wall. What can you reflect and how will it relate to the number of mirrors? The following are different options for the mirror to reflect:

  • Window: This strategy adds light and space to a room. It also brings the natural world into your home. A smaller window may only require one mirror. But to reflect the image from a large picture window or floor to ceiling pane, you’ll need either one oversized mirror or several smaller ones.
  • Furniture: This option also creates the illusion of more space. If you only want to highlight one piece of furniture (such as a chair or bookshelf), you will only need one mirror. To reflect additional pieces you may need more mirrors or larger-sized custom-cut glass.
  • Wall space: The reflection of an empty wall creates a sense of light airiness in a small or dark room. You may only need one long (horizontal) mirror to use this idea to its fullest. While several mirrors add to the reflective area, they can break apart the space and make it look choppy.

After you decide what you want to reflect, it’s time to select the size and shape.

What Size and Shape Do You Want?

The size and shape of a mirror can also impact how many custom-cut designs you select for any one room. Before you buy one or more mirrors for a single room, consider the following:

  • The scale of the room: A tiny, narrow rectangular mirror will look out of place in a large, open room with high ceilings. If you prefer smaller and slimmer options, you may need multiple mirrors to match the scale of the area. In comparison, a large mirror or multiple smaller options can crowd a tiny space.
  • The shape of the mirrors: An ornate mirror with multiple angles may crowd other mirrors. If you plan to get a standout shape, set it apart from the rest of the room’s decor. This allows you to create a focal point.
  • Furniture in the room: You want to reflect the furniture to create the visual illusion of extra space. But you don’t want to crowd the furniture (or the mirrors). If you choose large mirrors or some custom shapes, you may need to limit the number you hang. An overly large mirror or too many mirrors can end up behind the furniture.

If you’re not sure what sizes or shapes are available, talk to a contractor. A glass and mirror professional can help you to choose the right dimensions and help design the perfect shape for the space. They can also suggest ways to coordinate multiple mirrors of different shapes and sizes, helping you to create a continuous gallery-style look.

What Look Do You Like?

Some people enjoy the eclectic, almost-busy look of a gallery-style wall. This type of mirror arrangement requires multiple pieces of cut glass, hung in a cluster or across the wall. Other homeowners prefer a crisp, clean, uncluttered design that features one creative or custom mirror in the spotlight.

Are you ready to design a custom mirror for your home? Contact Martin Glass for more information.

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