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Is Glass the Right Backsplash Material for Your Kitchen?

A backsplash protects the wall behind your stove and counters from splashes and splatters as you cook. Backsplashes are in high demand because plain drywall is too difficult to clean and stains too easily. The material you choose for your backsplash should be something that you find easy to work with.

You have a choice of several materials including tile, glass, copper sheets, and laminate sheets which are among the most commonly used. Glass has become more popular in recent years, with its sleek lines and glossy appearance well-suited to both modern and retro kitchen designs.

Here’s Why Glass Would Be Great for Your Kitchen

One advantage to glass is that it is a lot easier to clean than other materials. Imagine for a minute a long sheet of glass placed on the wall behind your counters and stove compared to a series of tiles lining the same wall. The tile would be a bit complicated to clean because of all that grout. While you could easily wipe off the tiles, the grout can develop mold and mildew, and the tiles can look grungy after just a short time.

However, the glass would be one long surface that you could wipe down with a glass cleaner, or even a mixture of white vinegar and water. There is no grout on a glass backsplash that could grow dirty and trap bits of food that were flung onto the backsplash.

Painted glass is also very easy to customize and you can get almost any color you want. For best results, the color of the glass needs to have a baked-on finish onto the back of the glass and not just painted on with a brush (which can flake or discolor over time).

You can also use clear glass over wallpaper or even a plain, clean wall. There is no risk of the backsplash bunching up or looking uneven in the middle, as you might find with thinner copper sheets or tiles that weren’t spaced out evenly.

Here’s Why Glass Might Not Be Right for Your Kitchen

As with any material, glass does have a few disadvantages. For example, manufacturing limits come into play, and your piece of glass can only be so big. If you want a lot of glass lining your kitchen walls, you’ll likely have seams to deal with depending on the size of your project.

If the glass is installed carefully, the seams will be almost unnoticeable. But one little mistake could make a seam very visible. Keep that in mind when planning where to place glass backsplashes.

Another issue is that painted glass really isn’t a DIY project. You can add tiles or sheets yourself and save some money on labor. However, unless you’re installing just a small panel of glass, you really need professionals to complete the job.

Likewise, removing the glass is fairly difficult for one person. Again, a small panel won’t be much of a problem. But one long piece running along the wall needs professional attention.

Finally, if the glass breaks, you have to replace the entire backsplash. You can’t simply cut out the broken section and install a new tile of glass without making the repair very visible. With tile, you merely have to remove that one tile and install a new one that isn’t broken.

Glass is a versatile material that can make cleaning up those saucy splatters and smears a lot easier. It’s a shiny material that cleans easily. As long as you have professionals install the glass, as well as take care of repairs, you could find that a painted glass backsplash is an excellent choice. The staff at Martin Glass Co. can show you what paint colors are available and arrange for an installation.

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