Shower Enclosures



At Martin Glass, we’ve offered our customers high-quality, customized shower enclosures for decades. We create our shower enclosures to match your bathroom’s exact style, and we offer multiple types of glass finishes and doors in any shape or size.

Don’t worry about designing your custom door on your own—you can consult with one of our experts to design the right shower enclosure for your unique home.
Beautify Your Home in Collinsville, IL and the Surrounding Areas

Our company opened in the 1930s as an auto glass installation company. Throughout the decades, we’ve put our expertise in crafting safe, unique auto glass to work in other areas, including in creating gorgeous shower enclosures.

Our focus on detail and customer care set us apart from the rest. We only invest in superior materials from the best suppliers so your shower enclosure can last for years without losing quality.

Your shower enclosure design can be as simple or complex as you want. Our technicians are qualified to create and install enclosures to your exact specifications. Let us create the luxurious, stand-out shower you’ve always wanted.



Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors are still very popular in bathrooms today. If you have limited space in your bathroom, but still want endless design options, sliding glass doors are the best alternative. Martin Glass offers framed and frameless sliders with an overall glass thickness from 3/16” to 3/8”.

Semi Frameless

Semi-frameless enclosures feature a low-profile metal surrounding with a frameless glass door. Semi-frameless doors open outwards from the shower, have a header across the top, and a curb along the bottom of the glass.

Even though a header and curb system is necessary on a semi-frameless door, your options are not limited. Semi-frameless hinged doors are available with an overall glass thickness of 3/16” to 1/4”.


Frameless shower enclosures create a clean and modern feel to your bathroom, making your enclosure the focal point of the room.

Frameless enclosures maximize the use of glass and minimize the use of metal framing, producing a more open and elegant look to your bathroom. These enclosures are offered in 3/8” and 1/2” thick glass.

Glass Patterns & Finishes

To learn more, click one of our supplier logos listed below to view all of the glass options and finishes available:

Martin Glass is a registered

ShowerGuard product specialist

ShowerGuard is a special type of glass used for showers whose surface is protected during manufacturing through a high-energy ion-beam deposition process. This patented technology permanently seals the glass, fighting corrosion before it begins and enhances the ease of cleaning the glass.

Spray-on and wipe-on treatments eventually wear off, but ShowerGuard is permanently treated into the glass and will stay beautiful for years to come.



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