Stylish Mirrors for Homes

Mirrors offer functionality and also enhance the aesthetics of a space. Stylistically, they create visual interest and act as a focal point of a room. Martin Glass can suggest various options for customizing mirrors in your home or office.

Whether it is a new beveled mirror, a custom framed mirror designed to coordinate with your fixtures for your bathroom, a wall of mirrors for your workout room or a contemporary mirror as the focal point in your living room or office, allow our friendly representatives at Martin Glass help you design the perfect mirror.

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Custom Cut Mirrors

sliding shower doorsMartin Glass can custom cut a mirror to your exact dimensions. We carry large stock sheets of mirror that can be cut to a specific size and shape.

If you have a broken mirror in an antique frame, we can replace the mirror. If you would like to replace a large vanity mirror in your bathroom, we can custom cut a mirror to your sizes. If you are building a new bar in your basement, we can install a mirror to fit your opening. The options are endless.

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Beveled Mirrors

semi frameless showersA bevel is a specific type of finish that adds an elegant look to a mirror. When a mirror is beveled, the edges are cut and polished to an angle to create a tapered finish. Bevels on mirrors range from 0.5" to 1.5" wide around the perimeter of a mirror. Beveled mirrors are often placed in bathrooms, but they can be installed in any mirror situation.

Beveled mirrors can be ordered to any size you desire. Also available are stock sizes with a 1" bevel on a round, oval, octagon, arch and scalloped mirror.

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Beveled Strip Mirrors

frameless shower enclosuresBeveled strips can be added to the edge of a custom cut mirror to add a more layered appearance. Beveled strips are available in 2" and 4" widths. Beveled corners can connect the strips, or the strips can be cut with mitered ends and connected for a more classic look. Martin Glass can custom cut beveled strip mirrors to your specific dimensions.

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Contemporary Extrusion Mirrors

Do you prefer the look of a framed mirror for your vanity, but can't decide on a frame that matches your bathroom cabinetry? We have the answer for you. Our contemporary extrusion frames coordinate with your bathroom fixtures. With the contemporary extrusion mirrors, you can choose the look you want.

The frame color, profile, and size are customized to your specifications. The frames are available in three finishes – chrome, brushed nickel, and oil rubbed bronze. We can fabricate the mirror frame from one of three profiles – Victorian, bull-nose or rectangular.



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Framed Mirrors

semi frameless showersMartin Glass is an authorized dealer for Uttermost and Picture Source mirrors and artwork. We offer a wide variety of framed and unframed mirrors, including traditional oval and rectangular wooden frames as well as contemporary styles in our showroom in Belleville, Illinois. Don't hesitant to stop by and browse our huge selection of products. Our helpful and friendly customer service representatives are readily available to attend to any questions you may have.

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Standoff Mirrors

semi frameless showersFor a contemporary mirror option, consider a standoff mirror. A standoff mirror has no frame or visible clips at the edge of the mirror. "Standoff" cylindrical supports attach the mirror to the wall and hold the mirror about an inch from the wall. Typically, four holes are drilled through the mirror. The standoff supports are inserted through the hole and a cap covers the end of the cylinder.

Standoffs are available in multiple finishes, including chrome, brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. In a vanity setting, the standoff finishes can be coordinated with your bathroom fixture finishes. In other applications, choose the finish of your preference. Chrome standoffs tend to almost completely blend in with the silvering of the mirror, so the mirror seems to float on the wall.

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Mirrored Walls

semi frameless showersMirrors can open up any room. If you place a large mirror opposite a window, the mirror will reflect the natural light and brighten the room. If you mirror an entire wall, you will create the illusion of a significantly larger room.

Combined with the appropriate room details, a mirrored wall will add a sense of depth and roominess to your office, living room, dining room or bathroom.

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