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4 Ways to Incorporate Glass Designs Into a Home Kitchen

A home kitchen is used for cooking, dining, and spending time with family and friends. But you can make it feel open and large with the use of glass designs. The use of glass in any room of the home helps increase natural light through the clear materials and reflections, and rooms feel bigger when glass replaces solid materials like wood.

In a kitchen, there are numerous ways to add glass finishes. Learn about these ways and see which options work best for your current kitchen set-up.

1. Pantry Doors

A glass door on your pantry not only looks stylish but also saves a lot of time when you’re looking for your food. A glass pantry door still keeps your pantry separate from the kitchen, but the clear glass allows you to see the food inside.

Check out your stock of canned goods and other non-perishable food items before you even need to open the door and dig around. The glass design makes the pantry feel larger and there are numerous door styles to choose from.

For a modern kitchen, a floor to ceiling glass door is a great option. For a more rustic or traditional kitchen, a large door panel with a wooden frame around may work better. If the kitchen has French doors leading to the outside, the style of the pantry door can be designed to match your French doors.

2. Wall Shelves

Kitchens often get cluttered with cups, appliances, and other items needed to cook and eat. Keep your kitchen clean and clutter-free with the installation of glass wall shelves. Tiered shelves provide you with the ability to place cup collections or other kitchen decorations on display.

For example, if you collect salt and pepper shakers, place each set on the shelves to showcase the designs. You can also place small alliances like an automatic can opener on the shelves to keep them organized and easy to find when you need to open a can.

Custom shelves offer different glass thickness and length sizes to fit into your kitchen as needed.

3. Kitchen Tables

Make the dining portion of your kitchen feel wide open with the use of a glass top kitchen table. Thick glass provides a durable cleaning surface which is easy to clean. The glass will not stain, and the table top can be decorated with table covers and placemats as needed.

Glass tables go with many types of decor, giving you a variety of options for decoration. Leg finishes on the table may include solid wood or a durable metal like stainless steel. The open feeling can make eating more comfortable for the whole family and gives a little more flow to the room.

Smaller circular glass tables are ideal for kitchens while larger rectangle tables are ideal for dining rooms with extra space.

Contact us at Martin Glass to help plan your kitchen upgrades. Even just one of the changes can make a big difference in the atmosphere of your kitchen.

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