Windshield Camera Calibration Belleville

Windshield Camera Calibration in BELLEVILLE

Thanks to new technologies, most modern vehicles have safety features. These features alert drivers and passengers alike of any potential dangers that may lie ahead. However, some of these features may malfunction if your car’s windshield is damaged and requires replacement. It is vital to ensure your vehicle’s safety features are working properly, especially those that involve the windshield.

At Martin Glass Co., we provide industry-leading windshield camera calibration in Belleville, IL. Our team of experienced auto glass experts has years of experience handling windshield camera systems and is well-versed in all aspects of vehicle safety. Our technicians have the expertise to ensure optimal performance and accuracy.

What is windshield camera calibration?

Windshield camera calibration includes calibrating your advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)-equipped vehicle’s camera, sensor, and aligning its components to achieve an accurate view from the windshield. This technology helps protect drivers and their passengers by providing a clearer picture of the road ahead.

Windshield camera calibration ensures that your vehicle’s safety features work correctly and will provide you with the most accurate reading of your surroundings.

What Does windshield camera calibration detect?

Upon calibration, the windshield camera provides these safety features to drivers:

  • Pedestrian detection. Pedestrian detection systems gather data about a vehicle’s surroundings and alert drivers of potential risks so they can take action. Once it detects a pedestrian, bicyclist, or animal, the system provides an audible, visual, or haptic warning. Some higher-grade vehicles also engage in an automatic emergency braking system.
  • Traffic sign recognition. Like the pedestrian detection system, traffic sign recognition identifies speed limit, “do not enter,” and stop signs. The infotainment screen or other display shows a graphic or icon representation of the sign. It helps increase driver focus on the road.
  • Lane departure warning. Although switching lanes doesn’t always lead to an accident, the lack of using turn signals increases the risk. Lane departure warning systems alarm drivers if they venture from one lane to another without using their blinkers.
  • Lane keep assist. Lane keep assist works with lane departure warning systems and automatically steers vehicles back into the center of the lane once the warning signal sounds. It’s beneficial when a driver doesn’t have enough time to react.
  • Forward collision alert. The forward collision alert system monitors the distance between a vehicle’s front bumper and the car ahead. If the space becomes too short, the system alerts drivers with a warning signal of a potential impending collision.
  • Adaptive cruise control. Traditional cruise control allows drivers to travel long distances at a consistent speed without touching the accelerator. Pressing the brakes would then turn off the system. Adaptive cruise control still helps drivers maintain speed but also adjusts the pace depending on the distance to the car ahead.

ADAS in vehicles has demonstrated its effectiveness in lowering accidents and ensuring driver attentiveness to the road. Because the technology is installed on the windshield, vehicle manufacturers require recalibrating your ADAS following a replacement. Our skilled windshield camera calibration technicians in Belleville, IL, can restore your systems to meet the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards.

risks of an uncalibrated windshield camera

A windshield camera that isn’t properly calibrated can lead to severe issues on the road. The camera could include false readings, incorrect speed estimations, and object detection errors. 

Errors like these can introduce a false sense of security, potentially leading to an accident. It’s essential to properly calibrate your windshield camera to minimize the risk of accidents and ensure the safety of you and others on the road.

Martin Glass cares about your safety on the road and wants to guarantee that your car’s features work correctly. Our windshield camera calibration services in Belleville, IL, will confirm that your vehicle’s safety features function properly and keep you and other drivers safe while driving.

Why Choose Martin Glass for


At Martin Glass, our experienced technicians use Opti-Aim, Autel, and Launch tools to recalibrate your ADAS windshield camera. Having access to three tool manufacturers, we can handle almost every kind of windshield camera calibration in Belleville, IL, and can return you to the road the same day. Our team also works with your insurance company and insurance will include the cost of the calibration in the same claim as your replacement, so you can focus on what matters most.

Since 1933, Martin Glass has been dedicated to our customers’ safety. We strive to provide our customers with the best service and quality. Every glass product we install is OEM or OEM equivalent, and our team boasts certification from Dow Industries. 

Our memberships in industry-leading organizations give you the confidence that you’ll receive the best windshield camera calibration services, installations, and products. Contact our leading glass company in Belleville, IL, today to get started.

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Martin Glass: Your BELLEVILLE Windshield Camera Calibration Destination

It’s vital to ensure that your ADAS equipment performs properly. You can turn to the experts of Martin Glass for your windshield replacement and camera calibration. No longer will you need to schedule appointments at other auto shops to maintain ADAS functionality – with Martin Glass, one call does it all! Visit one of our convenient locations in Belleville, St. Louis, Collinsville, or Litchfield, or request a quote today for superior windshield camera calibration!

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