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Considerations for Choosing the Ideal Custom Vanity Mirror

When you’re remodeling or building a new house, one of the great benefits comes in making personal choices. The bathroom presents a variety of choices. An area of special interest is the vanity because this place is where you perform some of your most involved grooming activities. Below are important considerations to keep in mind as you design the vanity with a custom mirror.

Size of the Mirror

One of the first decisions you’ll make is the size of the mirror. Naturally, you want a mirror that’s large enough to accommodate your grooming routines. However, style needs to dictate your decision, too. Specifically, you want your mirror to keep in proportion with the rest of the vanity. As a general rule, the mirror should be slightly smaller in width than the vanity — designers often recommend two to four inches narrower on each side. This proportion appeals to the aesthetic of the overall design. That said, other factors contribute to the sizing. For example, your vanity has a lot of visual weight due to the materials or shape. You may want a wider or taller mirror so it doesn’t get visually dwarfed by the vanity. Likewise, certain design styles, such as modern, call for playing with proportions. You may want a surprising size, such as an overly long mirror, for this aesthetic. A special consideration comes if you have a double vanity. You’ll have to choose whether you want one large mirror or two smaller mirrors. While design rules don’t necessarily apply directly here, you’ll still want to look at the aesthetics. For example, you may want your mirrors to interact with light fixtures, making two installations more appealing.

Shape of the Mirror

In some ways, the size of the mirror may determine the shape of the mirror. Your mirror must be able to accommodate people of different heights. If you’re also keeping to the narrowness constraint above, your mirror is probably going to be rectangular or oval. Again, though, style plays a role. If your bathroom is modern, you may want an unusual shape such as square or round to emphasize the geometric appeal of the design style. Conversely, an oval mirror works with feminine, glamorous, or historical styles. Generally speaking, if you have a double vanity with two mirrors, the mirrors should be identical. If you choose to break this convention, do so deliberately, say, to be surprising with a modern-style vanity.

Placement of the Mirror

As noted above, the mirror needs to accommodate people of different heights. You’ll want to consider your own family and their size needs. However, you may sell your house eventually. You’ll want the accommodations for height to be as broad as possible, in that case. Keep in mind also height needs for children or people in wheelchairs. Of course, the contractors will hang the mirror perpendicular to the vanity top. Again, unless you’re aiming for a special effect, the mirror should be placed symmetrically to the vanity. You have a couple decisions in how close to the vanity top the contractors hang the mirror. Of course, height requirements are one of them. However, keep in mind the reflective quality of mirrors. Do you want your sink fixtures and bathroom accessories reflected in the mirror, or would you prefer some clearance so they stand alone?

Framed vs. Unframed

With a custom mirror, you have a wide variety of frame choices — including to leave the mirror unframed. An advantage of unframed mirrors is that they provide a neutral backdrop for any décor style. They also tend to create more of an open look in the bathroom. With an unframed mirror, you’ll also have to choose the glass edging. Framed mirrors are very popular because they instantly add style to your bathroom. You can keep the style subtle with simple frames, or you can choose ornate styles. Your choice depends on the overall décor of your bathroom. Keep in mind that the frame affects the visual size of the mirror. So if you’re trying to keep the mirror narrower than the vanity, you must include the frame. Choose a custom vanity mirror that promotes the style of your bathroom while maintaining functionality. Martin Glass can provide for your custom mirror needs.

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