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Essential Closet Organization for Business Attire

Business attire comes in many forms, from the formal suit, to dresses, to casual Friday dress that’s not so casual at all. When you show up for an office job, though, the expectation is the same — you should present a neat and tidy appearance. You should not be disheveled in any form.

Your business attire begins in your closet. And so it should begin with your closet, meaning your closet should be set up specifically to facilitate your business clothes. Below are some of the essential closet organization tools for business attire and how best to implement them.

Multi-Tiered Rods

While you will store more than your business clothes in your closet, you should have spaces set aside just for the garments you need for work. Space is at a premium in any closet, though, so you will need a good closet organization system.

Start with a selection of multi-tiered rods, where you can store your ironed shirts separately from your suit jackets. The fabric of suit jackets is heavier, so pressing your jackets against your shirts can create wrinkles. If possible, design the system so that the shirts are in a tier above the jackets. This setup will also help you more easily choose shirts and jackets that match.

Long Spaces

If dresses are a part of your business attire, you’ll want a section dedicated to their storage alone. The rationale for dedicating such a space is similar to storing ironed shirts separately — you don’t want bulkier items to press wrinkles into the more delicate fabric. If possible, have a shoe rack built in below your long spaces for dresses to help you match your shoes with specific dresses.

Even if dresses aren’t a part of your business attire, long spaces will be useful. If you wear skirts, you can purchase multi-tiered hangers to store them in a longer area while taking up minimal space. The long spaces are also ideal for hanging pants. While you can fold pants over a hanger and utilize shorter cubbies, such storage can create creases. The better option is to hang them from their leg cuffs.

Shoe Organizers

Sometimes shoes can represent as big an investment as suits, especially if you purchase leather shoes. Therefore, you’ll want a system of organizing your shoes that protects them as well as makes matching them easy.

If you have the space, consider a shoe rack. You can choose one of the tilted racks that keeps shoes from sliding off without having to hang them, which can damage the leather. Likewise, such a system allows you to store your shoes with inserts, if needs be.

When shoes are a priority for you, then a shoe carousel may be the way to go. Such a system consists of shoe shelves that rotate on an axis. The shoe carousel is a luxury item, and it allows you to store many shoes within a relatively small space.

Devise your shoe organization to keep your shoes at least somewhat separate. You may need specialty spaces for boots, so you should separate those shoes out. Likewise, you don’t want your athletic shoes to scuff your shined shoes, so they should be stashed elsewhere.

Accessory Organizers

Now that you have the bulk of your business attire accounted for, focus on the accessories. Ties, belts, hosiery, and jewelry all have their specific places when it comes to organization.

When it comes to ties and belts, you have two main methods of storage. One option is to have hooks set up to hang them, which is ideal if you have the vertical space. The other method is to have specialized inserts built into pull-out drawers. You roll up your belts and ties to store them thus.

Specialized inserts are also ideal for hosiery. Typically, they’re in a similar construction as for ties. You can also have them expanded for larger hosiery such as tights.

For jewelry, you usually see a system of hooks and cubbies. If you have the closet space, have the system set up in your closet so you can use your closet as a dressing room. However, many times, these systems get set up separate from the closet.

Use these tips to set up your closet to facilitate dressing for your office job. At Martin Glass Company, we can help with more than just glass. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your closet storage solutions.

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