Windshield Camera Calibration Litchfield, IL

Windshield Camera Calibration in Litchfield, IL

Technological progress drives advanced safety features in today’s vehicles. However, these features may experience issues if a damaged windshield requires replacement. To ensure your safety systems function properly, seek professional windshield camera calibration in Litchfield, IL.

Martin Glass Company’s skilled technicians invest in cutting-edge tools to recalibrate your ADAS after replacing your windshield. Trust our team in Litchfield – our windshield camera calibration services ensure reliability for your needs. Request a quote or visit one of our locations today!


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) utilize camera, sensor, or radar technology to enhance safety features. They include:

  • Pedestrian detection: Alerts drivers to potential risks such as pedestrians, bicyclists, or animals and engages an automatic emergency braking system in some vehicles.
  • Traffic sign recognition: Identifies and displays speed limits, “do not enter,” and stop signs to increase driver awareness.
  • Lane departure warning: Alarms drivers when changing lanes without using turn signals.
  • Lane keep assist: Automatically steers vehicles back into the center of the lane after a warning signal.
  • Forward collision alert: Monitors the distance between your vehicle and the one ahead and warns you of potential collisions.
  • Adaptive cruise control: Adjusts speed based on the distance to the car ahead while maintaining cruise control functionality.

The integration of ADAS has proven to reduce accidents and enhance driver focus. Our technicians recommend recalibration after windshield replacement to ensure systems meet original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards.


The cameras used in ADAS can malfunction with even slight changes to the windshield. Recalibration is crucial to maintaining safety and preventing accidents. These systems don’t reset automatically, requiring expert assistance to ensure correct alignment and functionality.

Neglecting ADAS recalibration compromises safety, making it imperative to leverage professional help. Our Litchfield location efficiently handles windshield camera calibration and replacement in one visit, saving you from going elsewhere.


Martin Glass’s certified technicians use Opti-Aim, Autel, and Launch tools to provide comprehensive ADAS windshield camera recalibration services. We handle various ADAS recalibrations and ensure a same-day return to the road. Our team streamlines the process by managing insurance claims covering calibration services and windshield replacement.

Since 1933, our commitment to providing the best customer service and quality remains unwavering. Our installation products are OEM or OEM equivalent, and our team holds certification from Dow Industries. Industry-leading organization membership guarantees the best windshield camera calibration services, installations, and products.

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Trust our auto glass repair shop for windshield replacement and camera calibration, ensuring optimal ADAS performance. With Martin Glass, maintaining ADAS functionality is hassle-free. One call handles everything, removing the need for multiple appointments. Visit our glass company in Litchfield or request a quote today!

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