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Make Your Home Special by Getting Creative With Mirror Installations

Living in a house that your family likes affects everyone’s happiness. However, this does not mean that you should avoid making changes to the home. Using a proper strategy, you can improve on various aspects without taking away any of the positive qualities. If you think that your home is lacking in mirrors, you may want to add more. You can create a polished and fitting aesthetic by investing in custom-made mirrors. You will want to get creative with adding or changing mirrors around the house to make your home special.


An excellent place to add custom mirrors is behind the doors in your home. For instance, if you have a small bedroom where putting a mirror on the wall may not work due to the furniture layout, you should have no problem fitting a mirror on the back of the door. This mirror setup also works well for closets where you store seasonal clothing. Instead of having to open the closet, grab a piece of clothing and then go into another room to look at your outfit, you can just use the mirror that is on the inside of the door to get a thorough look. This will save your family a lot of time, especially if you end up changing your outfit several times.


Another place that you may want to consider adding a mirror on the door is in the guest bathroom. Even though you will have a mirror or two in this space, it will not allow your guests to inspect their entire outfit because the mirror will only provide a view of half their body. A full-length mirror that you put on the door will allow them to do a complete inspection with ease. If you wish that your master bathroom was a little larger, you can make it feel larger by replacing the mirror above the vanity with a sheet mirror. This will bring in a ton of light, and you can then add extra decorations in elsewhere to make up for the lack of a decorative mirror.

Focal Pieces

Whether you are in the living room, dining room or even your bedroom, you may want to have a defined focal piece. A feature such as a fireplace will often stand out in one of these rooms, but you may not have one that you can commit to making the focal piece in a room. An ideal alternative is investing in a custom mirror where you can play a role in the mirror’s design. A custom mirror allows you to make a shape and frame that meshes with the room. You can also choose the size to make sure it fits well in the space without having to move things around.

Morning Prep

When your family gets ready in the morning, each member may do it in the same area every day. You can improve these spaces by adding a full-length mirror if there is not one. Some great spots include a walk-in closet and main hallway where all your kids come out from their bedrooms. To finish it off, you can get custom mirrors made to put by the front door and back door. This will ensure that your family can inspect their look before heading out either door. You can also help guests by adding a tall enough mirror to accommodate most people’s heights. Since the average male height in America is a little under five feet ten inches, you can play it safe with six-foot mirrors. Getting creative with design and implementation will help you add mirrors with great results. Contact our experts at Martin Glass if you have any questions about custom mirrors.

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John H.
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I broke my sliding back door window on my pickup truck with my lawn mower. They came out to my work and replaced the window with a whole new slider. Everything turned out great. I got good service and a good price. I chose them because they worked with me on price. I would definitely use them again if I have any glass issues.
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Everything turned out great! He did not try to sell me a whole new window, he was efficient and cleaned up the glass. The window is great and matches the other windows in my house.
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Sunday afternoon my husband hit a rock that went thru my rear window. I called my insurance company and put in a claim. I called Martin Glass Monday morning. By 5:00PM that afternoon 2 guys from Martin Glass had my rear window installed. What a relief! Very professional.