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Stylish Ideas For Adding Glass To Your Modern Bathroom

Glass is an ideal material for a modern-style bathroom. Modern style is characterized by an adherence to geometry and the clean lines of minimalism. Manufactured materials such as glass work well with the design style. The bathroom is a good space for implementing the modern style. Not only do the clean lines complement the room, but industrial surfaces are easier to clean and maintain, even in such a high-use and humid environment. Indeed, as Home and Garden TV points out, many homeowners are aiming to finish the majority of their bathrooms in glass.

Sliding Glass Door

You may have a shower and tub combo, especially if yours is a small bathroom. If that’s the case, consider replacing your shower curtain with a sliding glass shower door. These doors usually slide along tracks, though they can also be affixed to the walls via discreet hinges.

With a sliding glass shower door, you can choose from different clamp designs, such as those with a low profile that let the glass panel take center stage. Conversely, you could opt for decorative clamps, such as those with strong geometric appeal.

Walk-In Shower Doors or Walls

Many homeowners are eschewing the shower and tub combo in favor of walk-in showers. Sometimes contractors build these into a corner of the bathroom, especially for smaller rooms. A glass shower door is ideal for such a structure. These doors typically feature the discreet hinges so they swing in or out.

Alternatively, you may have a large space for a walk-in shower. You can have the space delineated with glass walls. If the area is large enough, the walls are sufficient to keep water from spraying into the bathroom without needing a full enclosure. You can also utilize glass walls to create a wet room, which encloses the shower and a freestanding bathtub.

Shower Enclosure

Probably the most common use for glass around the shower is with a full enclosure. A glass shower enclosure consists of glass walls and glass doors. This essentially turns your shower stall into a glass room, though parts of the stall can be left open for ventilation.

You can choose between framed and frameless options. With framed enclosures, the glass panels join via a system of frames. Not only are these the more cost-effective option, but the frames create a waterproof barrier. However, the frames can trap water and create mold.

Frameless enclosures feature almost no metal. They affix to the walls with discreet hardware similar to those used in the glass doors. The lack of framing means contractors must use a heavier grade of glass, which does up the cost. However, frameless enclosures offer a seamless look that’s even easier to clean since there’s no metal trapping water.

Either style of glass enclosure works well in a modern bathroom.

Custom Mirrors

Another big area for using glass in the bathroom is with mirrors. One option is to have your medicine cabinet and vanity constructed of mirrors. You can also have a wall of mirrors installed above the vanity, especially if you want to reflect light back into your bathroom. Both options offer a clean, modern appeal.

A hallmark of modern design is that adherence to geometry. One way to foster this ideal is by having mirrors custom cut into distinct geometric shapes. A square mirror above a round sink and a round mirror near a rectangular window is an attractive way to show interplay between the shapes. Conversely, you could choose one shape and repeat it throughout the bathroom décor.

Glass is a mod material anyway, so utilize it in the construction of your modern bathroom. Call Martin Glass Company to discuss ideas for incorporating glass into your bathroom remodel or new build.

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