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Tips to Devise Children’s Closet Organization Systems

Closets quickly become messy spaces. They’re often the center of rushed morning routines and fatigued evening rituals. Clothing and other items can easily become lost in the closet or even fail to make their way back in. Add children to this mix, and you can end up with a very frustrating space.

A simple and effective closet organization system is a good answer to this dilemma. Below are some tips to keep in mind when devising closet organization systems for children.

Include Space for Non-Clothing Items

A children’s closet often isn’t for clothing alone. If the closet is large enough, you may want your children to use it to house some of their toys, sports equipment, and even keepsakes. The more their closets house, the less that ends up on the floor.

Think about your child’s belongings, and try to devise easy spaces for them in the closet. For example, if they have a lot of toys, you could add stackable bins for each toy type. You’ll want to label the bins clearly so they stash them appropriately.

Incorporate Open Shelving

The disrobing at the end of the day or an activity can be a bigger menace to a child’s closet than rushed mornings. Children are often impatient to get to the next activity, so they’re little inclined to neatly stash the items they’ve just finished wearing or using. If you make putting things away easy for them, though, they’re more likely to buy into the system.

Here’s where open shelving comes into the picture. Open shelves are ideal for shoes, toys, and sports equipment. The key is to ensure the shelves are low enough for your children to easily reach. Make putting belongings on a shelf as easy as kicking them into the corner.

Don’t Forget a Hamper

Along those lines, most children’s clothing is one and done when it comes to wearing them. Children can rarely re-wear an outfit between washings. Therefore, you want them to develop good habits around taking off their clothes and putting them in the hamper. Otherwise, said clothes will end up in a pile.

Hang a laundry bag in the closet that your children can easily fill with their dirty clothes. Alternatively, choose an organization system that incorporates a pull-out hamper. Either method helps save floor space over a standing hamper.

Add Bins to the Shelves

Shelves can get almost as messy as a plain closet. While shoes might stack neatly, some of the smaller or softer items can start spreading out. To that end, add bins to the shelving system. Consider labeling the bins for the target items, such as socks.

Space is often an issue. Therefore, you may want to devise a system that includes pull-out bins in addition to those set on open shelves. Closet organization systems come with many different bin options. For instance, you may choose stacked shelving with cubbies for the bins. Conversely, you may prefer wire kits with bins attached via rollers.

Plan Ahead for Children’s Growth

In that vein, remember that children don’t stay small. However, they may remain in their rooms for a long time. You want a closet organization system that will work as well for a teenager as for a toddler. For that reason, look into adaptable organization systems.

You want ways to reposition clothing rods and pull-out bins as your children’s needs change. For example, when children are small, you can stash multiple rows of hanging clothes up high since they aren’t dressing themselves. An adaptable system will allow you to eventually remove a row or two of rods to accommodate longer clothing for bigger kids.

Devise a closet organization system that makes the most out of the available space and that’s easy for children to use. Martin Glass can help you choose a system that will bring order to an otherwise chaotic closet space.

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