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Windshield Camera Calibration in Collinsville, IL

Thanks to the emergence of cutting-edge automotive technologies, most modern vehicles come equipped with advanced safety features. These intelligent features alert drivers to potential hazards on the road. However, windshield damage can compromise these features. At Martin Glass Co. in Collinsville, IL, we ensure the optimal functionality of your vehicle’s safety features, particularly those linked to your windshield.

Our dedicated team at Martin Glass Co. offers professional windshield camera calibration in Collinsville, IL. With expertise in auto glass and a deep understanding of vehicle safety systems, our skilled technicians are well-versed in all facets of these technologies. Vehicle manufacturers require the windshield mounted camera to be calibrated after a windshield replacement, and our trained and certified calibration technicians possess the proficiency to execute these tasks flawlessly.

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Windshield camera calibration is a process that aligns and calibrates the windshield mounted camera in your Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)-equipped vehicle. Calibration technology boosts driver safety by providing a clear and reliable view of the surroundings. By ensuring the proper function of your vehicle’s safety features, windshield camera calibration guarantees the most precise assessment of your driving environment. 


Upon successful calibration, your windshield camera delivers a host of invaluable safety benefits, including:


  1. Pedestrian Detection: The system collates data from your vehicle’s surroundings and promptly alerts you to potential risks involving pedestrians, bicyclists, or animals. Audible, visual, or haptic warnings are triggered, with certain premium vehicles even capable of automatic emergency braking.
  2. Traffic Sign Recognition: Equipped with the ability to recognize speed limits, “do not enter,” and stop signs, this feature projects graphical or icon representations of the signs onto the information cluster, infotainment screen, or similar display. It aids in maintaining focused attention on the road.
  3. Lane Departure Warning: This system intervenes when your vehicle deviates from its lane without turn signals, mitigating the heightened risk associated with lane changes and turns.
  4. Lane Keep Assist: Functioning with lane departure warning systems, lane keep assist automatically steers your vehicle back to the center of the lane following a lane departure warning. It proves invaluable when immediate driver response isn’t feasible.
  5. Forward Collision Alert: This system monitors the distance between your vehicle’s front bumper and the preceding car and issues warnings if the gap becomes dangerously short, indicating a potential collision.
  6. Adaptive Cruise Control: While traditional cruise control maintains a consistent speed, adaptive cruise control sustains your desired speed and adapts it based on the distance to the vehicle in front.

THE impact OF adas and the necessity of CALIBRATION

The rise of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in vehicles has demonstrated their impact on reducing accidents and enhancing driver attentiveness. Because these technologies are intricately tied to the camera attached to your windshield, vehicle manufacturers require recalibrating your ADAS after replacement. Our adept technicians possess the expertise to restore your systems to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards.

The Consequences of Neglecting Calibration

Neglecting proper calibration of your windshield camera can seriously affect road safety. Inaccurate readings, speed estimations, and object detection can lead to a false sense of security, potentially causing accidents. Prioritizing the calibration of your windshield camera is imperative to safeguarding your well-being and that of fellow motorists.


At Martin Glass, your safety on the road is our foremost concern. We are committed to ensuring the seamless operation of your vehicle’s features. Our windshield camera calibration services in Collinsville, IL, are designed to uphold the integrity of your vehicle’s safety mechanisms, enabling you to drive confidently, knowing you’re protected.

Choose Martin Glass forWindshield CAMERA calibration IN COLLINSVILLE, IL

Choosing Martin Glass means entrusting your vehicle to experienced professionals who employ state-of-the-art tools such as Opti-Aim, Autel, and Launch for ADAS windshield camera recalibration. Our affiliation with three reputable tool manufacturers allows us to address various windshield camera calibration needs in Collinsville, IL, and expedite your return to the road within the same day. We also collaborate with your insurance provider, alleviating the administrative burden and allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters. The calibration will be included under the same claim as your replacement through insurance, so no need for multiple claims! 

Since 1933, Martin Glass has been a beacon of exceptional customer service and quality. Every glass product we install is either OEM or equivalent, and our technicians are certified by Dow Industries. Our affiliations with industry-leading organizations affirm our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier windshield camera calibration services, installations, and products.

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