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4 Simple Bathroom Makeovers That Offer Good Return on Investment

The bathroom is one of the most used spaces in a home. It is the room where you usually start and finish your day. The bathroom is also the room that potential homebuyers inspect when choosing between houses. So the look and function of your bathroom is important.

A major bathroom remodel has a decent return on investment — around 70 percent of the project cost. However, you can update your bathroom more simply with upgrades that don’t require a complete teardown. Below are four relatively easy bathroom updates that deliver a good return on investment.

1. Removing the Shower Curb

One of the popular trends in home design is moving toward a more universal design. The main principal of universal design is to create spaces that can be used by the highest amount of people regardless of their age or ability. A shower stall with a traditional pan features a curb, which is difficult for people who are elderly or differently abled to enter.

Whether you’re considering selling your home or staying put until your golden years, removing the shower curb is a good update. Replacing a curbed shower with a curbless design is a little more involved than the other three remodel jobs here. However, with efficient contractors, you should be able to get the project managed in just a day or two.

The return on investment is worthwhile, though, being slightly higher than a complete bathroom overhaul. And since you shouldn’t have any major changes in plumbing or structure, the job will be much simpler and cheaper. Therefore, the ultimate ROI is higher.

2. Installing a Glass Shower Enclosure

Whether you’re changing over your shower pan or simply updating the existing structure, having a glass shower enclosure installed is a good upgrade. If you want to keep within a lower budget, consider a frameless enclosure. A frameless enclosure costs a bit more, but the aesthetic is especially pleasing.

Neither type of enclosure should require a major overhaul. You may even already have a glass shower enclosure. However, you could update the existing structure so your bathroom offers cleaner lines and a more sophisticated air. For example, you could omit the existing frame or choose one that aligns with a fresh décor style.

If you have a shower and tub enclosure, consider replacing the curtain with a glass door. You’ll reap the same style benefits of the glass shower enclosure without having to rip out the existing structure.

3. Adding Organization

Bathing and grooming require a fair number of tools. Those experiences will be more streamlined if you add, or at least update, the organization system in your bathroom. One easy option is to add glass shelving to the wall. All you need are brackets and custom-cut glass panels. Such shelving will add both beauty and utility.

You can also augment your existing storage space. For example, consider a closet organizational system for an existing linen closet. With the right system of drawers, shelves, and hooks, you can easily store all your bathroom essentials close at hand. Yet having a closet organizational system installed is a relatively easy project.

4. Updating Bathroom Mirrors

On the subject of grooming, you also need mirrors. Naturally, you probably already have mirrors. However, replacing the existing vanity mirrors allows you to make a big style update without overhauling the entire bathroom. For example, you could replace simple mirrors with ornately framed ones or vice versa. Ornate mirrors feel formal, while simple styles look contemporary.

You could also consider adding customized mirrors to the décor, especially if parts of your bathroom feel dim. A well-placed mirror can project light into dark corners of a room. A brighter bathroom feels more luxurious. Yet hanging a mirror is a comparatively simple update.

Make moderately easy bathroom updates that deliver a decent return on investment. Visit Martin Glass for custom glass, mirrors, and closet systems.

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