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Designed For Dance: Creating Your Own Home Dance Studio

If you or one of your family members is taking dance lessons, you already know how important it is to practice on a consistent basis to learn the proper form and structure of dance techniques. However, learning new dance moves can be difficult between classes if you don’t have an adequate space or the correct elements available at home. Turning a spare room into a dance studio in your home isn’t difficult, and you can practice your dance moves in the privacy of your own home.

Find the Best Space for Your Studio

Any room can be turned into a dance studio, but medium to large rooms are best, since they allow plenty of room for moving around. An unused basement is another area you may want to consider turning into a dance studio. Select a room that is well ventilated and located away from the main traffic area of the home to limit distractions.

The Right Flooring Matters

Having the right flooring installed can reduce the possibility of dance injuries. Never dance on concrete. If you are turning an unused basement into a dance studio, you will need to install a wood floor on top of the concrete.

Floating wood floors are best if you can afford them. These floors are common in professional dance studios and reduce stress on your joints. You can also select wooden or laminate flooring if desired but avoid styles that tend to be slippery.

A Mirrored Wall is Essential

Mirrors are an essential element in a home dance studio. Dancers need to see their form as they perform various dance moves. Not having access to mirrors can result in poor form and improper posture.

Have high-quality mirrors installed on one wall of your home dance studio. Floor to ceiling mirrors are used in professional studios and should also be incorporated into your home studio.

A mirrored wall will make small spaces appear larger. If your room has windows along an opposite wall, the mirrored wall will reflect natural light and enhance the lighting in your studio. Mirrors will add an element of elegance to your home studio and make it an attractive addition to your home.

Install a Ballet Barre

A ballet barre is a must-have item for ballet dancers but can also be useful for other forms of dance for providing support when learning moves. Ballet barres can be purchased from a dance retailer and easily installed with hardware you can find at most stores.

Installing barres at the right height is important. Barres should be installed according to the dancer’s waist level. This will vary for each dancer but typically averages out to be about 32 to 46 inches from the floor.

If you have several dancers using the studio, you may wish to purchase a free-standing adjustable ballet barre. These portable barres are equipped with knobs that make it easy to adjust the barre to the proper height. Portable barres allow extra room for movements but are not as stable as wall-mounted barres.

Surround the Room With Sound

Whether you are listening to music or an instructional dance audio recording, a good sound system is important in a dance studio. Select a sound system with Bluetooth capabilities to make streaming your dance music from any electronic device easy. Surround sound units are best, as they distribute music evenly throughout the room.

Designing your own home dance studio is as easy as deciding which room to use and adding a few essential elements. The perfect finishing touch to your dance studio is a beautiful floor-to-ceiling mirrored wall. Contact us at Martin Glass to discuss the best options for your dance studio mirrored wall.

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