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Everything You Need to Know About Mirror Edges

Do all mirrors have straight or flat edges? Before you invest in a custom mirror for your bathroom vanity, bedroom, or other interior space, take a look at what you need to know about bevels, polished edges, and your options.

What Are Beveled Edges?

A beveled mirror has slightly slanted or angled edges. The angle of the bevel depends on the mirror’s overall design. The steeper the bevel, the more angled the edges look. This means a ½-inch bevel has a flatter appearance than a one-inch bevel. The angle of the bevel you choose depends on your home improvement project, the type of mirror, and your personal preferences.

Along with the depth of the angle, you can also choose from multiple bevels. A single bevel creates a classically clean look. But if you want to create an ornate mirror, a double or triple bevel is an option to explore. These multi-cut bevels aren’t ideal if your home décor features a contemporary or minimalist style. Multiple bevels can complement a chic, glam look or an eclectic design aesthetic.

What Are Flat Polished Edges?

Unlike a bevel, a flat polish has a straight edge. As the name implies, the outer part of the mirror is flat. This gives the mirror a sleek, straight, shiny, or glossy edge. While a bevel may not match your modern décor, a flat polish is the perfect pairing for contemporary or industrial styles.

The edges of a flat polished mirror may seem plain. But the shine or gloss of a high polish adds an extra sparkle to the glass. This means a flat polished mirror won’t need a frame to hide the edges. You can hang these mirrors as-is in almost any interior space.

What Are Pencil Polished Edges?

Do you want a mirror with a slightly rounded edge? If a beveled edge is too angular and a flat edge is too plain for your tastes, consider a pencil polished option. This type of polish has a smooth, rounded outer edge. A pencil polished edge can fit almost any type of décor style. This edge coordinates well with everything from contemporary designs to traditional looks.

What Are Seamed Edges?

Unlike beveled and flat polished edges, seamed edges aren’t usually seen. These edges may have some chipped areas or uneven spots. A seamed edge is sanded – but still has a natural look. This natural, chipped edge won’t look finished on your wall. If you already have a frame or like the look of a framed mirror, a seamed edge piece of glass is an affordable option.

What Edges Are Right for Your Projects and Your Home?

Now that you know more about popular mirror edges, it’s time to take the next step and choose your overall design. Before you select an edge for your next custom cut mirror project, consider:

  • The frame. Again, seamed mirrors often require a frame. If you prefer an unframed mirror or a frame that doesn’t match the overall interior aesthetic, explore finished options such as a beveled or polished edge.
  • The shape. While a curved pencil polish may work with a round mirror, a beveled edge could look off with this type of shape. Beveled and flat polished edges often look better with rectangle or square mirrors. The size. A shallow-angled bevel may look lost surrounding a large head-to-toe mirror. Think about how the overall scale of the mirror will match with the edge.

If you’re still not sure which edge to choose, talk to a professional. A glass and mirror contractor can help you to design the perfect piece for your home.

Are you ready to start your next mirror project? Contact Martin Glass for more information.

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