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How to Use Glass and Mirrors in Your Couple’s Bathroom

How can you use glass and mirrors to update your couple’s bathroom? If you share the master bath with your spouse or significant other, take a look at the ways to use translucent panels and reflective surfaces to enlarge the space and improve the aesthetics.

Glass Shower Enclosure

Do you prefer baths even though your spouse would rather take a shower? Your other half doesn’t have to give up their showers to accommodate your love of the tub. Instead, consider the addition of a shower with a glass enclosure. This spa-like addition gives you the best of both bathing worlds, and can save space.

Instead of a walled-in shower with a bulky fabric curtain, a glass enclosure creates the visual illusion of added area. This can optically enlarge your couple’s master bathroom, which allows you to include both a bathtub and a separate shower.

Unlike a simple shower curtain swap or other purely aesthetic upgrades, this bathroom renovation requires professional help. While you can buy stock glass shower doors, these may not fit the space or may not have the overall look you want.

A glass contractor can create a custom design or size and install the enclosure for you. Not only will this maximize the room’s overall aesthetics, it also helps to reduce the risks of premature enclosure failure, leaks, or damage.

Multiple Mirrors

Is it difficult to get a glimpse in the mirror with your partner in the same room? If you don’t have enough space to both stand in front of the master bath mirror, add extras.

You have a few different options of extra mirrors to choose from. To add extra viewing space above the vanity or countertop, hang two or more mirrors in a row. Along with the added reflective area, this option can also update the master bathroom’s décor. Instead of plain rectangle vanity mirrors, select custom-cut circles, squares, or another shape.

If you have plenty of space to view over the vanity already, you may still need to add more mirrors to your couple’s bathroom. Consider installing a full-length, floor-to-ceiling, or other similar wall mirror. This reflective glass allows you to get a full view of your outfit, while your significant other does their hair and makeup or shaves in the vanity mirror.

Glass and Mirror Cabinets

Do you need a definitive way to separate your bathroom cabinets from your significant other’s? Glass and mirrored cabinet doors can help you to draw a line in a decorative way. Both glass and mirrored cabinets offer a light, contemporary aesthetic to almost any space in your master bathroom. This is important if the shared space is small or doesn’t have bright lighting.

To use this strategy, select a finish (either glass or mirrors) for each person. Outfit your cabinets for one type of door and your partner’s for the other. If you only want to use glass cabinets in your master bath, you can still create separate doors for each of you.

Instead of purely translucent glass, you can choose tinted, frosted, or etched options. Up the aesthetic ante when you add embellishments and hire a custom glass contractor to etch your initials into some of the doors and your partner’s onto the others.

Glass Shelving Units

You may have had plenty of master bathroom storage space in your single days. But now that your spouse or significant other has moved in, the bathroom lacks the right amount of shelving. Keep the room light, bright, and airy with glass shelves. A custom contractor can create shelves in different sizes or depths to accommodate your family’s needs.

Are you ready to upgrade the master bath with glass and mirrors? Contact Martin Glass Company for more information.

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