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How to Brighten Your Basement

Does the bottom floor of your home feel like a dungeon? If your finished basement is dark, drab, windowless, and depressing, take a look at how you can use glass, mirrors, and other décor strategies to brighten the space.

Choose Glass Furniture Accents

While rich cherry woods may add an aesthetic element to your basement family room, these dark pieces won’t brighten the area. Avoid dark or deep-hued furniture. This includes tabletops, fabric surfaces, and anything else you bring into the basement.

If you stay away from woods and deep colors, what can you use to add a sense of light to your basement décor? Brighten the room with custom glass:

  • Tabletops. Whether the base of your end or coffee tables are made from wood, metal, or another material, you can top the pieces with clear glass. Not only will glass tabletops give the appearance of a lighter, larger space, but you can choose from a variety of custom shapes.
  • Cabinets. Instead of solid cabinetry, add glass doors. This opens the space and adds a contemporary look to the room.
  • Bar tops. If you have a home basement bar, consider a glass bar top to add extra light to the area.
  • Wine cases. Create a custom glass wine case to display your favorite finds and bring a sense of space to the room.

Even though glass is an easy way to lighten your basement, it isn’t the only option. Read on for more information on ways to brighten the space.

Choose Custom Mirrors

Mirrors can multiply the light in your basement. Bounce the artificial glow from fixtures off strategically placed mirrors or use custom cuts to widen (and lighten) the space.

How can you use mirrors in your basement? Brighten and open the area with:

  • A custom mirrored wall. A floor to ceiling mirror can double the space (visually, not in terms of actual square footage) and add an extra sense of brightness. You don’t need to cover all four walls in mirrors. Instead, choose one wall to strategically accent.
  • Mirrors near fixtures. Hang wall mirrors near lighting fixtures. This broadens the reach of the light and brightens the room significantly.
  • Furniture and decorative accents. If you don’t choose glass furniture accents, try mirrors. Add custom cut mirrors to tabletops, a home bar, or other similar areas.

To maximize your basement’s brightness, place mirrors in the best reflective spaces possible. You don’t want your mirrors to reflect a dark accent wall or deep wood armoire. Instead, place mirrors across from light fixtures or lighter-colored walls.

Choose New Walls

Mirrored walls are major space brighteners. But they aren’t the only option. What other strategies can you use to brighten your basement? Other wall-related ways to lighten the area include:

  • Glass walls. While glass isn’t a realistic option for your basement’s structural (weight bearing) walls, you can create see-through partitions or cover a wall in clear glass tile.
  • Light accent paint. Whether you want to hang mirrors, glass accents, or another décor, start with a light, airy base. White, ivory, beige, and other neutrals can add the illusion of brightness and space in your basement room.
  • Curtains and drapery. Drape sheer fabric across the wall. Hang a rod at the top and create a window-like space (minus the actual window). Avoid heavy or dark fabrics. Choose white or other light options for the best results.

You can also brighten the space with the way you arrange it. Move furniture and other clutter away from your walls — especially if you have a floor to ceiling mirror or use multiple mirrors. The reflection will only add a sense of extra clutter.

Do you have a custom glass or mirror project you need help with? Contact Martin Glass Co. for more information.

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