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What You Should Know About Glass Tops

You might look around your home and feel that something is missing aesthetically. While you love your furniture, you might want to provide some extra protection for it that still offers an aesthetic change for your home. If this is the case, consider the option of glass tops for your home and furniture. These protective coverings come in many styles and have many benefits. Read on to learn more.

What Are the Benefits of Glass Tops?

If you add a glass top to your furniture, you can expect protection from ordinary wear and tear. When you have expensive furniture, you want to do everything possible to protect your furniture from stains, scratches, and the effects of heat.

Worried that glass will not look good in your home? You can select the right color to match your home decor. While clear is the most popular option, you might want glass with a hint of color, like bronze or gray.

Are you worried that the edges will be too sharp? Protective glass edges keep people and your home safe. Polished edges look glossy and smooth, while beveled glass is more decorative with its polished slant. If you bump into this glass, you are not as likely to become injured. Seamed edges are also great options to remove sharpness as well.

What Furniture Benefits From a Top?

You can add a glass top to nearly any type of flat furniture. You can add a glass top to a desk, coffee table, end table, dining room table, nightstand, or credenza, for example. Any surface you want to protect from cups, laptops, heat sources, and pets will benefit.

Glass tops can also be used to create additional shelves. For example, you can add glass shelves to an ordinary wooden shelf for a change in appearance. These tops can change the entire look and appeal of a piece of furniture.

Glass tops typically come in rectangles based on the dimensions of your furniture, but you may also request a circle, oval, or octagon glass. Of course, glass tops can also accommodate furniture with rounded corners and curves. You can even bring in your furniture or arrange for a home visit to ensure the glass can fit a more unique design.

Should You Consider Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass tops offer their own advantages. Tempered glass is stronger and safer than typical glass tops, and it also includes finished edges. As part of the tempering process, the glass is sent through a furnace and is then cooled very quickly. The process changes the glass’s structure, which leads to increased strength. In most cases, this kind of glass is between 1/4 and 3/4-inches thick for optimal protection.

The major benefit of tempered glass tops is that if they break, they will break into very small pieces. You will not be left with large shards that can cause severe injury. If you have small children or pets, tempered glass may be the safest option.

How Can You Get Glass Tops?

Many shops offer glass tops for furniture and bookshelves. You will find many glass options available to cover and protect your furniture. When you come to a shop to inquire about glass tops, bring the measurements of your furniture as well as a picture to show the technicians what they need to work with.

Martin Glass is your first option for glass tops, whether you want to protect your furniture or provide a certain aesthetic for your home. If you are ready to explore glass top options for your home, call us. Our technicians are happy to help you find the best glass for your home.

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I broke my sliding back door window on my pickup truck with my lawn mower. They came out to my work and replaced the window with a whole new slider. Everything turned out great. I got good service and a good price. I chose them because they worked with me on price. I would definitely use them again if I have any glass issues.
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Everything turned out great! He did not try to sell me a whole new window, he was efficient and cleaned up the glass. The window is great and matches the other windows in my house.
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Sunday afternoon my husband hit a rock that went thru my rear window. I called my insurance company and put in a claim. I called Martin Glass Monday morning. By 5:00PM that afternoon 2 guys from Martin Glass had my rear window installed. What a relief! Very professional.