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How to Use Glass and Mirrors in Your Home Flip

In 2019, house flipping hit an almost decade-long high, according to statistics from ATTOM Data Solutions. If you’re one of the many flippers, you’re probably on the hunt for a way to make major improvements at a low price-point. Before you start your next flip, take a look at the ways to use glass and mirrors in your investment home.

Shower Enclosure

A decades-old bathroom with a frosted door or plastic curtain covering a stall shower looks dated. A bathroom that’s stuck in the ’70s or ’80s won’t help to sell your home. As you choose places and spaces to start your flip, consider the bathroom shower.

A glass enclosure can:

  • Add light: A darkly lit space may turn potential buyers off. Instead of spending the bulk of your budget on artificial lighting, brighten the area with a glass shower enclosure.
  • Create a sense of space: A tiny bathroom won’t get the most bang for your house-flipping buck. But a complete bathroom teardown can get costly. A glass enclosure can create the illusion of space – minus the price tag of a full bathroom extension.
  • Add aesthetic value: A glass enclosure creates a clean, fresh spa-like look that matches almost every type of bathroom décor.

Even though a glass enclosure is a prime place to start your flip, it isn’t the only way to use glass in the bathroom. From the vanity to the walls, you have glass options galore.

Bathroom Mirrors and Glass

A dirty, tarnished, or cheap-looking vanity mirror won’t sell your flip. Home buyers expect to see topnotch materials and high style in a turn-key property. But this doesn’t mean you need to demolish the bathroom and start from scratch. Save money and time on your flip and update the bathroom with:

  • A new vanity mirror: Turn an outdated vanity into a stylish new centerpiece with a custom-cut mirror. Consider an out-of-the-ordinary or unexpected shape instead of a plain traditional rectangle.
  • A mirrored wall: Like a glass enclosure, a mirrored wall (or a partially mirrored wall) can add light and the illusion of space to a dark or small bathroom.
  • Glass cabinets: Switch heavy wooden doors out for clear, clean, fresh glass cabinets. This adds a modern flair to a newly contemporary bathroom space.
  • Shelving: Add form and function to the flip with a few simple glass wall shelves.

Along with these options, you can also update the bathroom with glass tiles.

Kitchen Glass

Bathrooms aren’t the only spaces that sell houses. The kitchen is an important part of your flip – and requires complete care when updating. Glass and mirrors provide a lower cost option to update the home’s kitchen space for the flip. If you’re not sure where to start, consider:

  • Glass cabinets: Like the bathroom, you can also add glass cabinet doors to the home’s kitchen. While a full set of glass cabinetry may not seem functional, accent doors are an easy way to change the look of the room on a budget.
  • Glass backsplash: If traditional tile doesn’t make the statement you want, choose a glass backsplash for your flip. This central focus piece draws attention to the backsplash area and creates a contemporary aesthetic.
  • Wall mirrors: Does your finished kitchen flip still need something extra special? A custom-cut framed mirror adds an artistic look to the room.
  • Glass tabletop: While a glass tabletop isn’t a permanent piece, it can help during the staging process.

While most glass accents and home pieces are crystal clear, a contractor can create a more colorful option for your kitchen décor needs. A painted glass backsplash adds an undeniably individual accent that will set your flip apart from other similar properties.

Do you need help with a custom glass project for your home flip? Contact Martin Glass Co. for more information.

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