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Benefits of a Custom Closet Storage System

People often become frustrated with their closets. They may begin to feel they have too many belongings. While they may, the problem may be they probably don’t have adequately organized space to store their belongings. A custom closet storage system can help restore a sense of order and organization to your closet space. Keep reading for more benefits of a closet system.

Provides Proper, Reachable Spaces

Designers will tell you that the most functional closets allow you to see all your clothes at a glance. A custom closet storage system is designed to meet exactly that purpose. It provides the appropriate spaces to hang some items and fold others at fully accessible heights. Not only will your closet be decluttered, but everything will be on a level that you can see and reach easily.

Saves You Time

Once you have a place for everything and everything in its place, you can streamline your routine. A professional closet organizer will work with you to provide solutions for your natural habits. A storage system isn’t beneficial if you have to work harder to use it. But in working with a professional closet designer, you’ll get a system that saves you time.

Addresses Your Preferences

If you want to hire a professional for your system, first sit down and consider your preferences. For example, do you want to be able to iron your clothes in the closet or look at yourself in a full-length mirror? Obviously, your system will have to conform to the space restrictions of your closet. However, the designer can work with you to address your preferences.

Reduces Stress

A cluttered and disorganized closet can negatively impact your mood. If you constantly struggle to find clothes in the morning, you’ll feel stressed. What’s more, one study showed that stress can affect your mood throughout the day. People who perceived their homes as cluttered maintained high levels of cortisol, which added to their stress levels even later in the day.

Maximizes Space

Every closet is different. Some are tall, some wide, some deep, and some feature awkward shapes. A standard system won’t be able to accommodate all those spaces – some space will go unused. Custom storage systems are designed to efficiently use up every inch of space. This situation is ideal if you have a small closet or a lot of belongings.

Affords You Aesthetic Options

Just as closets feature their own unique characteristics, so, too, do homeowners. People have their own perceptions of what makes for attractive building materials. You may like the look of wood or prefer the durability of vinyl-coated metal. A custom closet system affords you more options for aesthetic customization, too.

Provides a Healthful Environment

Stress isn’t the only danger to your health that a cluttered closet provides. If belongings are cramped inside the closet, no room for airflow exists. If you add some damp, you can get mold and mildew. You’re also more likely to get insect infestations, such as moths. Because you maximize your space with a closet system, you’re more likely to get the needed healthful airflow.

Improves Your House’s Resale Value

Potential homebuyers place value on different aspects of a home. However, they commonly focus on closet space. While a custom closet system may be built to your aesthetic preferences and storage needs, it’s still built to maximize that specific closet’s space. Therefore, potential homebuyers will appreciate the system.

Keeps Belongings Safe

Some clothing items, such as purses and shoes, are more expensive than others. They also require specialized storage. For example, shoes benefit from different systems such as revolving shelves. Purses are best stored in their own cubbies. If they don’t have their personalized spaces, they can rub against other items, which can damage their material or structure.

To learn more about closet systems, contact Martin Glass Co. Our knowledgeable staff can help you design your ideal closet.

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