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Repairing Auto Windshield Cracks and Chips

Is there anything more annoying than a cracked or chipped windshield? Whether a crack or chip results from a rock or pebble flying into your windshield, vandalism, or some other cause, a damaged windshield is always an unpleasant distraction from your daily routine.

Here is a look at some key points to think about when repairing any windshield cracks and chips.

Is It Repairable?

A critical question regarding any type of crack or chip in your windshield is whether or not a repair is actually possible. In some cases, the extent of the damage means that a repair isn’t feasible and a complete windshield replacement is necessary. One aspect that affects this is the size of the damaged area.


One standard rule of thumb is that if a crack is smaller than a dollar bill, a repair is usually possible. This rule is a good one to keep in mind but is not necessarily the final word on the matter. Technological advances now allow auto glass technicians to fix cracks that are larger than a dollar bill in some instances.


When it comes to chips, the rule states that chips smaller than a quarter are generally repairable. As with the rule concerning cracks, recent advances in repair methods may allow technicians to repair wider chips, depending on the situation.

Some Special Circumstances

Sometimes special circumstances dictate that a replacement is better than a repair, even if the crack or chip does not cover a large area. For example, if a windshield crack is directly in the line of vision of the driver, the best course of action is to replace the entire windshield, as a repair could interfere with visibility.

Three or More

Another special circumstance is the number of cracks or chips involved. If your windshield has three or more damaged areas, it’s best to simply replace the entire windshield, regardless of the size of the individual cracks or chips.


Another concern is when the damaged area is at the edge of the windshield. The edge is a particularly vulnerable area of the windshield and any cracks or chips near the edge could compromise the windshield’s structural integrity. To avoid any potential problems, it’s generally best to just go ahead and replace the entire windshield in this instance.

Windshield Repair Costs

The costs of a windshield repair can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. One crucial consideration regarding cost is whether your insurance will cover part or all of the expenses. The answer to this question depends on the specific terms of your policy. If you have comprehensive insurance coverage, then your insurer may help you with the cost.


Your deductible is an important factor in what you have to pay out of pocket if your policy covers windshield repair. For example, if it costs $400 to repair your windshield and your deductible is $500, then you must pay the entire amount yourself. If your deductible is $200 and the repair cost is $400, then you pay $200 and the insurer pays the rest.

Full Glass

Another consideration regarding cost is a type of coverage called full glass coverage. If you have full glass insurance coverage written into your policy, your full cost could be covered depending on the specific language in the contract.

In some instances, full glass coverage is part of comprehensive coverage, while in other cases, you must purchase it separately.

A windshield crack or chip is not something that you ever want to ignore. Damaged areas often enlarge if they are not repaired promptly and could lead to the need for a windshield replacement in St. Louis. At Martin Glass Co., we have expert technicians who can resolve any windshield repair issues. Contact us for more information.

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John H.
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I broke my sliding back door window on my pickup truck with my lawn mower. They came out to my work and replaced the window with a whole new slider. Everything turned out great. I got good service and a good price. I chose them because they worked with me on price. I would definitely use them again if I have any glass issues.
Ann K.
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Everything turned out great! He did not try to sell me a whole new window, he was efficient and cleaned up the glass. The window is great and matches the other windows in my house.
Lisa R.
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Sunday afternoon my husband hit a rock that went thru my rear window. I called my insurance company and put in a claim. I called Martin Glass Monday morning. By 5:00PM that afternoon 2 guys from Martin Glass had my rear window installed. What a relief! Very professional.