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Semi-Frameless vs. Frameless: Which One Is Right for You?

Often, when people choose to upgrade their outdated shower space, they turn to contemporary options like semi-frameless or frameless. But if you’re unsure how the two are different, you might not make the best decision for your home. Discover more about both semi-frameless and frameless shower enclosures so you can have a beautiful bathroom, no matter what you choose.

Semi-Frameless Shower Enclosures

Semi-frameless shower enclosures are a good medium between classic framed showers and modern frameless showers. They feature thick glass, often thicker than in framed showers. Semi-frameless enclosures often have frames on only the necessary parts like the header. Frameless parts almost always include the door itself.


A semi-frameless shower enclosure is ideal for specific reasons. These reasons can include:

  • Cost: A semi-frameless door is not as expensive as a frameless door. If you’re on a budget but don’t want to purchase a traditional framed shower, then a semi-frameless enclosure is usually your best option.
  • Variety: Don’t think that all semi-frameless shower enclosures look the same. You have a wealth of designs, glass thicknesses, enclosure placements, and colors to choose from.

If you want to see if a semi-frameless shower enclosure is right for your home, speak to an experienced enclosure installer.


When might a semi-frameless shower enclosure not be ideal for your home? You might consider other options if:

  • You want to get away from the framed look: If even a little bit of metal framing is too much for you, then semi-frameless isn’t usually right.
  • You want a completely seamless look: With a mixture of framed and frameless parts, a semi-frameless shower enclosure doesn’t always provide the seamless look some people prefer. If you want one cohesive look, frameless showers are often the way to go.

Not sure if a semi-frameless shower enclosure is up your alley? Consider a frameless shower enclosure instead.

Frameless Shower Enclosures

Frameless shower enclosures are completely without frames. They have thick, sturdy, and durable glass that allows you to enjoy a seamless look without the metal framing. The only metal you’ll find is the hinges and handles.


A frameless shower enclosure can be a boon to anyone’s home. Get a frameless shower enclosure if you:

  • Want a modern-looking shower: Frameless showers are likely one of the most modern upgrades you can provide to your bathroom. If you want to enhance the contemporary aspect of your home, a frameless shower enclosure can help create that look.
  • Like customization: A frameless shower enclosure provides numerous design possibilities. Along with custom glass, you often get to pick the size, shape, and overall look of your new shower space. You can even choose the opaqueness of your glass.
  • Prefer easy maintenance: Because of the lack of framing, your shower is often a lot easier to clean. All you simply have to do is wipe down the glass itself.

Want to install a frameless shower enclosure in your bathroom? Speak to an experienced installer for help.


When would a frameless shower not be the right choice for you? Consider that:

  • Frameless shower enclosures are more expensive: Because they involve a lot of customization, frameless shower enclosures aren’t always optimal for people on a budget.
  • Frameless shower enclosures can allow water to escape: If you want to keep the water inside the shower, frameless shower enclosures can sometimes have that water escape. However, if you have measures in place to minimize that, this shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Whatever your choice of shower enclosure, you need an experienced and qualified installer for help. Martin Glass provides a range of custom shower enclosure options in St. Louis, ideal for any bathroom. Please contact us today to discuss your shower enclosure needs.

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