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5 Reasons to Use a Frameless Glass Shower Door

A well-designed bathroom is the perfect getaway right inside your home. And did you know that a bathroom remodel is among the most valuable home improvements? One of the most creative décor ideas to give your bathroom a transformative look is to install a frameless glass shower door.

If you still have a flimsy shower curtain, an upgrade is long overdue. You can now revolutionize your bathroom with a sleek frameless glass shower door. Here’s how a glass shower door upgrade works to improve your bathroom.

1. Attain a Touch of Elegance

Glass shower doors add a sleek, luxurious touch to your bathroom, enhancing the room’s design and beauty. The use of glass in décor has always helped give spaces a distinct touch of glamor, which is what you attain for your bathroom.

You have multiple possibilities in glass colors, sizes, styles, and textures to choose from. The shower upgrade gives your bathroom a touch of elegance which you can’t achieve with an ordinary shower curtain or wooden door.

2. Create a Spacious Look

Most homeowners dream of spacious bathrooms but with the high cost of real estate, you might have to make do with a smaller one. Glass is an innovative solution in smaller spaces to create the illusion of open areas.

With a glass shower door, you can give your bathroom a more spacious feel. With the glass panel, you can view the entire square footage of the bathroom instead of the claustrophobic closeness of an opaque shower curtain.

3. Add a Personal Touch

Glass is one of the most versatile building materials, and you can customize your frameless glass door to suit any bathroom idea you have in mind. For instance, you can choose from clear glass, tinted glass, rain glass, textured glass, frosted glass, or opaque shower doors.

For the door style, you can choose a pivoting door or a sliding door. You can also combine glass and other materials such as wood, metal, or vinyl for enhanced functionality or added beauty. The customization capacity of glass shower doors allows you to give your bathroom a personal touch.

4. Build a Low-Maintenance Bathroom

Water damage is one of the greatest challenges in bathroom maintenance. Bathroom fixtures, floors, doors, walls, and even fabrics are prone to water damage and can deteriorate with constant use. To keep your bathroom in the best shape, choose water-resistant building materials that are easier to care for.

A frameless glass shower door is a low-maintenance upgrade that easily withstands water exposure. The material is easy to clean with no special products or equipment. With the glass shower door installation, you can save time and money on cleaning each week.

5. Illuminate Your Bathroom Space

Light is an important aspect of décor and a key consideration in contemporary home décor. Well-lit spaces are not only safer but can also improve mood and energy levels.  With a frameless glass shower door, you allow more light into the shower enclosure, which gives you both aesthetic and functional benefits.

A sleek frameless glass shower is a smart idea for a bathroom remodel as it blends functionality, safety, and enhanced decor. Glass is easy to work with, and you can finally build your spacious dream bathroom with a luxurious and modern look. Your glass expert can help you design your remodel, choose the best materials, and install the glass door.

Since its inception in 1933, Martin Glass Co. has served clients in Illinois and Missouri with the widest range of glass solutions. We have locations in Belleville, IL; St. Louis, MO; Collinsville, IL; and Litchfield, IL. Contact us today for all kinds of glass and glass-related products in these areas.

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John H.
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I broke my sliding back door window on my pickup truck with my lawn mower. They came out to my work and replaced the window with a whole new slider. Everything turned out great. I got good service and a good price. I chose them because they worked with me on price. I would definitely use them again if I have any glass issues.
Ann K.
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Everything turned out great! He did not try to sell me a whole new window, he was efficient and cleaned up the glass. The window is great and matches the other windows in my house.
Lisa R.
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Sunday afternoon my husband hit a rock that went thru my rear window. I called my insurance company and put in a claim. I called Martin Glass Monday morning. By 5:00PM that afternoon 2 guys from Martin Glass had my rear window installed. What a relief! Very professional.