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The Top Home Spaces For Custom Glass Shelves

Are glass shelves right for your home? If you only have experience with traditional wood or metal shelving units, glass is an option to explore. Glass shelves add extra storage areas and upgrade your home’s interior aesthetics. Before you start the design, purchase, or installation processes, take a look at the top places to put glass shelves.

The Kitchen

Between the overflow of pantry items, plates, cups, pots, and pans, you barely have enough room in the kitchen. While most of these items are neatly tucked away inside of cabinets and drawers, some kitchen picks are display-worthy. Instead of hiding spotlight selections that could add aesthetic value, place them on floating glass kitchen shelving.

If you’re not sure how to use glass shelving as a decorative (yet functional) part of your kitchen, explore these options:

  • Glass jars. Add glass to glass with this easy design idea. Start with wide floating glass shelves. If you plan to use tall jars, make sure your glass installation contractor leaves enough space between shelves. Fill the jars with anything from dried beans to rice to pasta in different shapes.
  • Rainbow display. You don’t have to stick to neutrals in your glass shelving display (such as rice and pasta). Fill jars with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet items or add stacks of plates in rainbow hues.
  • Modern metals. Glass shelves can have a contemporary look. Play up this interior design style with an industrial add-on. Stainless steel kitchen items are ideal for this type of display.

Instead of straight horizontal shelves, consider the creative possibilities of custom glass designs. Talk to a professional contractor about ways to create fixed bracket bent shelves, custom-sized pantry shelving, or hanging units.

The Home Office

The kitchen isn’t the only home space where you can install custom glass shelves. Like the kitchen, your home office also needs plenty of storage. But that isn’t the only thing this room requires. Improve the interior aesthetics and make your workday better with a glass display. To use glass shelving in your home office:

  • Think about placement and use. What will you keep on the shelves? If you plan to store office supplies or items you use regularly, make sure the shelves are within arm’s reach.
  • Consider a moveable unit. Do you regularly rearrange your home office to spice up the space? If you plan to move your desk or other furniture, a wall-mounted shelf could get in the way. Instead, explore ways a custom glass contractor can create movable shelving units for your office.
  • Create a built-in space. Use a series of glass shelves and a larger glass tabletop to make a built-in desk, work space area, or nook.

While you may need shelving to store office or work-related items, you can also use custom-cut glass pieces to hold room decor. Instead of your paper clips and pens, add frame family photos, artwork, sculptures, or smaller-sized potted plants to your home office’s shelves.

The Living or Entertainment Room

Upgrade the aesthetics of your in-home entertaining space with glass shelves. Whether you display photos and art on your home office’s shelves or not, you can use glass to highlight pictures, a favorite vase, sculptures, and other decorative pieces in your living area.

The type of glass shelves you choose for your living or entertainment room depend on the space itself. If the room is smaller, slim floating shelves provide aesthetic value without taking up too much room. But if you have a larger living room, wide, waved, angled, or bent floating shelves, shelves with brackets, or built-in custom bookshelves for media and other entertainment storage are options.

Do you need help designing or installing custom glass shelves in your home? Contact Martin Glass Company for more information.

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