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What to Know About Custom Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Do you want to update your kitchen cabinets with glass-front doors? Before you buy stock panels, take a look at what you need to know about custom-cut glass and the best options for your home’s design needs. You might be surprised at the variety of options you have.

What Is a Custom-Cut Glass Cabinet Door?

Like the name implies, these doors are custom-made for the cabinet or your décor needs. Instead of a pre-made, ready-to-hang door from a big box hardware retailer or website, custom-cut models are individualized creations with stand-out style.

What Type of Glass Is Used in Custom Cabinet Doors?

Even though the word glass may make you think of transparent panes, you have other options for custom-cut cabinet panels. If you are a fan of a crystal clear transparent look, you can choose this option. Transparent or clear glass gives the best view into your cabinets, allowing you to spotlight fine pieces of china, stemware, or other items.

If you prefer an intricate aesthetic or do not want everyone to have a clear view of what is inside your cabinets, frosted glass is an option to explore. Frosted glass is etched to create an intricate or opaque look. You cannot completely see through frosted glass — but this type of product will allow light through.

Homeowners who want to take the frosted look a step farther may want to consider textured glass. Like frosted glass, textured panels are not completely transparent. These types of cabinet doors have a patterned effect with a bumpy or ridge-filled texture.

While transparent, frosted, and textured glass are top choices, these are not the only options for your custom kitchen cabinets. Seeded glass has a bubbly look or texture. Unlike frosted glass, you can still partially see through the seeded variety.

Are the Cabinets Standard Sized?

This means they are the precise shape and size necessary to reduce function-related or design issues. Glass contractors should always take into account the size of cabinets when designing and cutting your custom glass to ensure an accurate fit and quality results.

Who Should Cut and Install Custom Kitchen Cabinet Glass?

A custom-cut panel requires the precision and artistry of a professional. A specialized glass contractor can discuss your design ideas and create the custom panels of your dreams. Whether you want full-glass doors or a partial glass option (doors with a wooden or another frame), choose a contractor who has experience and expertise in these types of creations.

To verify the contractor’s ability to meet your needs, ask for references. Along with written references from past clients, the contractor should provide you with photos of their work. These can help you to see first-hand what types of cabinet doors the contractor can create and may provide ideas for your next project.

A quality glass contractor should do more than create custom pieces. The professional you choose for your kitchen cabinet re-design should also install the glass panels or doors. Discuss both design and installation services with your would-be future contractor before you sign an estimate or agree to a contract. That way, you will have a clear picture of what to expect for your specific project.

Are you ready to update your kitchen with custom glass cabinet doors? Please note that we cannot perform any woodworking for the door opening. Our custom-cut glass products go right into your cabinets after the middle wood panel is removed. Contact us at Martin Glass Company for more information. We look forward to helping you find, design, and install the best custom-cut kitchen cabinet glass to enhance your kitchen’s design.

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